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F2 triple board bag (worldcup bag)

Boardbag for 2-3 boards or 1-2 boards + sails, booms, masts, etc. Strong materials, protectors on the back, and the nose of the boards.

Available sizes: 250x67x35

Original Price: 299 €     Price: 159 €

RRD Single board bag

A broad range of bags and sizes, great for protection, ease of handling and traveling with your favourite gear

Available sizes: 245/85

Original Price: 129 €     Price: 99 €

Prolimit Windsurf boardbag performance - Double

The Prolimit Performance boardbag double fits 2 boards plus some quiver. The Performance double is made of our tough 600D polyester and drag proof.

Available sizes: 260-70

Original Price: 199 €     Price: 149 €

Unifiber Boardbag Double Pro 255/80 incl wheels

Go-anywhere 10-mm. wall thickness, fits all your kit and 2 boards - ideal for global wind-hunting. Features white, tear, moisture and heat-resistant tarpaulin fabric and strong WRP (Water-Repellent Polyester) fabric topside for ultimate durability. Dotted PVC edges and XL wheels prevent damage from dragging.

Available sizes: 255x80

Original Price: 289 €     Price: 259 €

Unifiber Pro Luxury boardbag

Hardy travel-ready 4 mm bag with foam top and bottom and 8 mm nose and tail pads. Made from tarpaulin with a strong WRP (Water-Repellent-Polyester) fabric topside and dotted PVC nose and tail pads for ultimate durability. The deck zipper layout ensures nose and tail protection when stored upright.

Available sizes: 240x60 / 240x65 / 240x70 / 240x80 / 245x90 / 255x70 / 255x80 / 280x80 / 300x85

Original Price: 105 € - 119 €     Price: 79 € - 119 €

RRD Triple / double boardbag / or rig+boardbag

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going? Heavy loads require heavy duty made products. The triple boards bag will not let you down. Style with full customized rrd graphics.

Available sizes: 250x70x30cm / 250x70x30cm / 250x85x20cm

Original Price: 199 € - 329 €     Price: 119 € - 179 €

Tekknosport boardbag

Transport bag for a windsurf board. With suitable robust, 8mm padding and extra padding under the zipper, perfect choice for travel by air as well.. One side reflective, fin slot with Velcro closable, address pocket, HD zipper.

Available sizes: 240x65 / 245x70 / 255x70 / 260x75 / 260x80 / 260x85 / 260x95 / 270x106 / 270x90

Original Price: 139 € - 149 €     Price: 99 € - 119 €

Prolimit Sport Boardbag

The Prolimit Windsurf Sport board bag is for day-to-day use. The sport is 7 mm foam padded and constructed from tough 600D polyester. The white bottom skins reduces overheating. Fits 1 board with fins.

Available sizes: 240-90 / 250-70 / 250/80 / 260-70 / 260-80 / 260/80 / 270-80 / 270/80 / 280-80 / 280/80

Original Price: 99 € - 120 €     Price: 79 € - 99 €

Prolimit daybag

Bag for day-to-day use. Fits 1 board with fins. The bag is built to have the best price!

Available sizes: 250/70 / 270/80 / 280/80

Price: 69 €

Prolimit performance

Bag for travel use. Fits 1 board with fins. The padded top is made of our tough 600D polyester and bottom is of cool silver to reduce overheating of the board.

Available sizes: 238/60 cm / 245/65 cm

Original Price: 139 €     Price: 110 €

Prolimit Sport SF boardbag

Bag for day-to-day use. Fits 1 board with fins. Silver top and bottom skins reduces overheating

Available sizes: 240-80 / 260-70

Original Price: 120 €     Price: 89 €

99NoveNove boardbag

Bag for day-to-day use. Fits 1 board with fins. Silver bottom skin reduces overheating. Thick padded, made of 600d Polyester. Durable zippers, fin slot opening, shoulder strap.

Available sizes: 235-80

Price: 96 €

MFC Boardbag

The MFC board bag provides an affordable combination of heat protection and ding protection.

Available sizes: 240/70 / 250/70 / 260/70 / 290/70

Original Price: 99 €     Price: 79 €

RRD Pro single windsurf boardbag

“A full rrd style board bag”. Same shape of the specific single wind bag, style and customized with full rrd style graphics.

Available sizes: 235x55

Price: 90 €

Pat Love Explorer

Based on research with 13 board shapers in 4 countries, Pat Love has found that the tail end of the board is the main part subject to damage during transportation. For this reason, the new Explorer board bag ‘Aims to reach the parts that other board bags don’t reach’ and has double protection, 15mm deep padding in the tail area of the bag. The outside of the bag is a new mirrored composite laminate material formed from PVC and aluminium in ‘Adventure’ Green.

Available sizes: 250

Original Price: 109 €     Price: 70 €

Prolimit Windsurf Session bag

Our Session bag is a unique windsurfing quiver boardbag with two separate zippered compartments. Store all your sails and your board in one bag!

Available sizes: 238/60 cm / 255/70 cm / 260/80 cm

Price: 149 € - 179 €

RRD Boardbag V2

The new RRD board bags. A broad range of bags and sizes, great for protection, ease of handling and traveling with your favourite gear.

Available sizes: 240/80 / 240/85 / 245/85 / 260/80

Price: 99 € - 129 €

Tekknosport Travel double Boardbag 260

Travel bag for one or two boards, or / and your rigs, booms, masts. Thin padding (10mm), extra reinforcments on the tail and nose of the board. Carry handles on both ends, and shoulder-side strap in the middle. The smooth-running wheels are detachables - when you don't need them - if you travel by car.

Available sizes: 260x70x25cm / 260x70x25cm

Price: 199 €