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Windsurf Store » Windsurfing » Boom » Alu boom » Aeron » Aeron V-Grip 26 alu boom

Aeron V-Grip 26 alu boom

Aeron V-Grip 26 alu boom
Aeron V-Grip 26 alu boom
Aeron V-Grip 26 alu boom
Aeron V-Grip 26 alu boom
Aeron V-Grip 26 alu boom

Aeron V-Grip 26 alu boom

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If you need a super strong boom, but don?t want the expense of a carbon boom, this Aeron V-Grip is an excellent option.

Exceptional stiffness and comfort, in an affordable aluminium option.

It does what it says on the tin!

The Aeron V Grip was a revolution in aluminium windsurfing booms?superior strength comparable to carbon, for the price of an aluminium!
The Aeron V Grip range brings the very best technology in boom manufacture to the everyday windsurfer. Of all non-carbon booms, it has proved to be the strongest aluminium boom on the market, and as a result is the boom relied upon by heavier riders or for those who love to ride fully powered up. The V Grip also has a unique ergonomic boom arm shape due to it?s design.

Start by making a fist, or bending your fingers to replicate gripping a boom. You?ll notice that inside your knuckles, or through to the palm of your clenched fist, the shape is closer to a ?V? than a semi-circle. Aeron?s development team discovered this shape on the inside of the boom not only feels more comfortable, it also reduced ?over-gripping? of the boom that can lead to forearm cramps during long sessions.

When it comes to construction, the extruded alloy ?V? shape on the inside of the boom arms bring phenomenal stiffness, narrowing the previously large gap in rigidity between alloy and carbon booms. The only downside is the boom is a fraction heavier than a standard oval shaped aluminium boom?which is not really noticeable when you?re using the boom out on the water. This is what makes the Aeron V Grips the stiffest non carbon booms on the market.

Available sizes:
Size Price Sales Price In Stock Info  
160-210 cm  250 €  169 €  In Stock pink-black-white
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