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F2 Fresh SUP sale!


A perfectly balanced allround sup with a great price / value ratio. 83 cm width provides stability, narrow nose for good glide.

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Mojo SUP boards available again!


The quality MOJO boards are in stock already! All colors, all sizes available. High-end building quality, durable solutions.

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Check out our Poncho-offers!

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After-surf ponchos in sale! A perfect solution to change clothes-to a wetsuit in a crowded parking lot, and it also keeps you warm, dries your body as a towel after surfing.. Check out our offers!

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RRD impact vest half padded


An impact vest, which works well together with your waist harness!

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Aqua Marina 2019 collection available in our shop


The Aqua Marina SUPS were always popular thanks to their good value / price ratio. Now the full 2019 collection is available.

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New arrivals: ReSailCle wallets made from used windsurf sails

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New - ReSailCled wallets arrived to our shop. These wallets has been made from used / broken windsurf sails. All of them are unique. We remind you: it won′t be easy to choose, you will want to get all of them!

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New windsurf sail shaped car fresheners


Windsurf sail shaped air freshener. All fresheners are high-quality printing with all details, nonaggressive but long-lasting smell. Hang it on Your rearview mirror and drive with SURF STYLE!

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F2 Aloha SUP - winter sale


Balanced volume distribution, cool design, nice colors, lots of handles and D-rings, quick, yet maneuvrable shape.

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